Increase your SALES
BeeCRM Sales!

Today customers have more information, choice and control. Don’t be passive and watch as your customers go away.

Get more control over managing sales with contact management, monitoring your sales funnel, make more precise segments of customers creating new groups of customers, add attributes and marketing details for your customers as you need with Attribute system.


Increase Marketing

BeeCRM is online crm solution (SaaS) which will help you to make perfect relation and get more customers. Use wide range of tools for increasing your marketing potential.

Use Campaign to inform your customers about cool products you have. Create Templates and put unique mail background for special offers. Get your new registered customer directly into BeeCRM using Registration Form and put it on your website, or send the new Registration Form via mail. Use Questionnaire to get feedback from your customers for very unique questions.


Improve team

Internal communication is important for every CRM implementation.

Very specific tools for better team communication like Task management, with option to leave comment and start discussion, Task redirection is perfect tool for redirecting your tasks and meetings to your colleagues while you are away, use calendar for all your tasks, meetings, phone calls.


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With defined
but still Flexible

BeeCRM has high level of flexibility that you will think complete CRM system is built for your company.And you don’t have to be an expert to do that, everything is organized to be very simple to use.

BeeCRM is designed to help small companies (users) who don’t have big experience or knowledge about CRM systems. If you have a small company, BeeCRM can work as your personal assistant, control your database of your customers, remind you about your meetings, make customer flow, send mass mails, etc. If you have a big company, you will have no problems due implementation into your system either. You can organize your sales agents individually (what they can or cannot see, delete, etc), without support of IT department.

What CRM offers?

  • customer-status

    Customer status

    Instrument which will you can sort customers by number of details you know about them. The more details you know about the customer – the higher status the customer gets. THe more customer in higher status (with complete details) – the better for your business.

  • tasks


    Make a comment for every customer, for every phone call, every mail, every note about customer. Next time when you open customer profile, you will see all history of tasks that you made for specific customer.

  • campaign

    Campaign and e-mail marketing

    Campaign will help you to send automatically numerous of emails to your customers. You can track campaign effectiveness and manage all changes in CRM.

  • registration

    Registration form

    Instrument which will help you to design form for registration of new customers. CRM will provide HTML code, which you can send by email and wait for new registered customers.

  • update

    Auto status update

    CRM automatization will help you to change status of your customer.  You don’t have to check and manually change status for every customer, just set the rules and CRM will do it for you.

  • question


    Ask your customers for their opinion about your company, service, etc. Perfect way to get feedback from your customers about you.

  • export

    Import / Export

    Insert customer details from your database, from Excel files, etc. You can online casino give them status automatically, CRM will work for you.